In today’s interconnected world, accessories play a crucial role in extending the functionality and versatility of our devices. We offer a range of innovative accessories designed to elevate your user experience, enhance connectivity, and provide greater control over your devices. Explore our selection of accessories and discover how you can unlock new possibilities in connectivity and control.

Types of Accessories

1. Bluetooth Adapter:

Our Bluetooth adapters provide seamless wireless connectivity, allowing you to connect your devices to smartphones, tablets, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. Whether you’re streaming audio, transferring files, or controlling your device remotely, our Bluetooth adapters offer reliable and high-speed wireless communication, enhancing convenience and flexibility in your daily tasks.

2. Logger:

Our loggers are essential tools for data acquisition and recording in various applications, including environmental monitoring, industrial automation, and scientific research. With advanced sensors and logging capabilities, our loggers capture and store data with precision and accuracy, enabling detailed analysis and insights into your processes and environments.

3. Remote Meter:

Take control of your devices from a distance with our remote meters, designed to provide convenient access and monitoring capabilities from anywhere in the world. Whether you’re managing solar power systems, HVAC equipment, or industrial machinery, our remote meters offer real-time data visualization, parameter adjustment, and diagnostic features, empowering you to optimize performance and efficiency remotely.

4. WiFi Serial Server:

Our WiFi serial servers enable seamless integration of serial devices into wireless networks, eliminating the need for cumbersome cables and facilitating remote access and control. With robust security features and reliable wireless connectivity, our WiFi serial servers provide a flexible and cost-effective solution for connecting serial devices to Ethernet or WiFi networks, enhancing scalability and interoperability in your systems.