Charge Controller

A solar charge controller serves as the backbone of any solar power system, ensuring efficient management of energy flow between solar panels and battery banks. We understand the pivotal role of charge controllers in optimizing energy utilization and safeguarding battery health. Let us introduce you to the indispensable functionalities and benefits of charge controllers in harnessing the power of the sun.

Efficient Power Management:

The primary function of a solar charge controller is to regulate the flow of electricity from solar arrays to battery banks. By monitoring and controlling the voltage and current levels, charge controllers prevent overcharging of deep cycle batteries during daylight hours. This essential feature not only prolongs battery life but also maximizes the overall efficiency of the solar energy system.

Preventing Reverse Current Flow:

Another critical role of charge controllers is to prevent reverse current flow from the batteries to the solar panels during low-light conditions or at night. By acting as a barrier, charge controllers ensure that energy generated by the solar panels is directed towards charging the batteries, rather than depleting them unnecessarily. This function safeguards battery integrity and preserves energy reserves for when they are needed most.

Additional Capabilities for Enhanced Control:

While managing power flow is the primary responsibility of charge controllers, many models come with advanced features for added convenience and control. Some charge controllers are equipped with lighting and load control capabilities, allowing users to manage additional electrical loads or integrate lighting systems directly into the solar power setup. These versatile controllers offer flexibility and customization options to meet diverse energy needs.

Empower Your Solar Energy System with Charge Controllers:

Whether you’re powering a remote cabin, an off-grid installation, or a residential rooftop, charge controllers play a vital role in maximizing the efficiency and reliability of your solar energy system. We offer a range of high-quality charge controllers designed to meet your specific needs and exceed your expectations. Explore our selection today and take the next step towards harnessing the full potential of solar energy with confidence and reliability.

Types of Charge Controller:

Bluetooth Adapter

DuoRacer Series(10-30A) Dual Battery MPPT Charge Controller

EPIPDB-COM Series(10~20A) Dual Battery PWM Charge Controller

HP48-50 (Lithium Based)

iTracer-ND Series(60A) MPPT Charge Controller

LandStar Series 5A/10A/20A PWM Charge Controller

LandStar-E/EU Series 5A/10A/20A/30A PWM Charge Controller

LandStar-EPD Series 10A/20A PWM Charge Controller


LS-B Series(10A~30A) PWM Charge Controller

LS-LPLI Series(10A/20A ) PWM Charge Controller & LED Driver

LS-LPLW Series(10A/20A) PWM Charge Controller & LED Driver