A solar inverter or PV inverter, is a type of electrical converter which converts the variable direct current (DC) output of a photovoltaic (PV) solar panel into a utility frequency alternative current (AC) that can be fed into a commercial electrical grid or used by a local, off-grid electrical network.

Type of Inverter :

1.5-6kw Single Phase Inverter

5-25kw Three phase inverter

5KW/6KW/8KW Three Phase inverter

Hybrid Inverter

IPower Series(110VAC/120VAC) 350~2000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter

IPower Series(220VAC/230VAC) 350~2000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter

IPower-Plus Series(110VAC/120VAC) 500~4000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter

IPower-Plus Series(220VAC/230VAC) 500~5000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter

New Single Phase 1KW-6KW

Single Phase S series S3600TL- S6000TL

Three Phase TP Series TP17KTL – TP25KTL

Upower Series(1000-5000W) Inverter/Charger