Solar Energy

Solar power is the best energy source


Solar power is best energy source. Solar power means the sun’s radiation is used to heat water which is then used to create steam, turn a turbine and generate electricity.

As more people use solar power, the demand for new technology increases as well as job opportunities for those who wish to work in such an industry. The job market trends these days towards renewable energy has led to an increase in earnings,

Solar is one of our most abundant resources and it is not being wasted through pollution or human-driven destruction.

In future all vehicles will be electric and only clean energy source like solar will be used for them.

As there are many ways of using solar power to produce electricity. Some use the sun’s rays directly, while others concentrate them to increase their effectiveness. Most models are simply called “solar panels.”

They come in different sizes and have different electrical outputs. The smaller ones can be used to run small appliances, while larger ones are needed for bigger demands like on electric utility systems.

Solar energy can be used to produce electricity from photovoltaic cells. Solar cells are made of silicon solar panels which are commonly used for heating and lighting. The sunlight is then converted into electricity that can be stored or used immediately.

An increase in interest has increased the amount of research and development work. It’s been found that solar panels are more efficient when they are coupled with a battery pack and an inverter which changes the direct current to alternating current.

The government should take steps to promote usage of solar power as it is best for environment in the long run. Only then we can have any chance of sustaining life on Earth.

Solar energy should be used only when there is least light as it can damage cells if used in bright sunlight.

Many companies make use of solar energy to power their business and few have implemented the use of photovoltaic cells which power the entire businesses.


There are lots of advantages of solar energy by using photovoltaic cells:

1.The cells are not toxic, expensive, complicated to produce and are easy to install.

2.A photovoltaic cell can last up to 50 years without any maintenance at all.

3.It can store power even if the sun is not shining and can be used at night or during cloudy days or after sunset when the sun has gone down by using the sunlight which is stored in the battery and is being used when there is no sunlight being received.

4.A photovoltaic cell produces a great amount of energy even if it receives only a small amount of light, thus making it possible to use solar power on a large scale.

5.It reduces the need for fossil fuels by switching to solar energy and will help to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions.

The cost of solar power is low while the lifespan of cells are very high, which greatly reduces the expense from which it spreads to users.

It is very important that we should save energy and use only clean source for electricity, in future when all vehicles will be electric, we should use only high quality energy sources like solar energy, it will help in reducing pollution before it becomes a big problem for our survival on this planet.


Solar energy is the best energy source. It is clean and can be used as a reliable source of electricity. It is better than any other source and saves money and energy.

Solar cells can last for a long time, so there is no need for frequent repair or replacement. Maintenance of these cells is quite less if not required. It has been found that the efficiency of solar cells is maximum when they are coupled with a battery pack and an inverter which changes the direct current to alternating current, thus making them even more efficient.

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